Hydraulic sphere Peugeot 405 4×4

Citroën Hydraulic Suspension SphereThe Peugeot 405 4×4 has a hydraulic sphere to accumulate pressure.
Accumulator: PG 40 AR
€ 57,00

Peugeot 405 4x4, suspension
1: Hydraulic fluid reservoir
2: Filters
3: Electro-hydraulic pump
4: Pressure accumulator sphere (PG 40 AR)
5: Suspension cylinder
6: Solenoid exhauster valve
7: Servo brake compensator
8: Breather for gaiter

The minaral hydraulic fluid (LHM) is colored green and is the only suitable fluid. Use of any other fluid will cause the destruction of the rubber parts and seals.
System capacity: 1.4 liters.
Recommended changing interval: 80.000 km.
Filter cleaning interval: 40.000 km.

Hydraulic Spheres

I.F.H.S. in Belgium manufactures hydraulic spheres, accumulator and other spheres for Citroën cars since 1984. The factory has an ISO 9002 certificate, and since 1996, the hydraulic spheres have been TÜV-tested (FTP 96/24694A/03, TZ-028141-A0-241).