How long does it take to send an order?

If the spheres you ordered are in stock we ship within a few days. If not, we have to order the spheres at the factory first, and production will take up to three weeks.


What’s difference between normal and comfort spheres?

The comfort spheres have a little more nitrogen, which you can think of as the cushion for the suspension. They also have a little different valve layout, but we don’t know the precise details of that.


Do you deliver world wide and what are the costs for transport?

Yes we deliver pretty much worldwide and it’s very likely we’re able to send to you. We’re sorry if you’re on Antarctica, but have sent to many countries in the EU, to Australia, New Zealand, the USA and a few others.
With the current state of the world, the indicated shipping prices fluctuate, so send us an email to be sure.


Spheres have a small o-ring as seal. Can you provide these as well?

Yes, the spheres we sell are new, and each sphere comes with a new replacement o-ring, included in the price.


Do you have all spheres in stock?

No, we don’t have all spheres in stock at all times, but we aim to have a few in stock for the types that sell most, such as the spheres for the Rolls Royce / Bentley.
Of course, when we’ve just sent out a few orders, we’ll have to restock again and that may take some time.


How long does it take to have spheres manufactured?

Usually, the manufacturer (IFHS in Belgium) manufactures spheres about every three weeks.
During the holiday seasons (summer holidays, christmas time), it may take a little longer.


What about sphere pressure?

The more pressure, the more suspension. It may feel a bit counter-intuitive, but it makes sense: if there is no pressure left in the sphere, your suspension will be horrible. Think of the nitrogen in the spheres as the cushion.


Do you have any other Rolls Royce spheres?
We can only supply spheres CD 6000 GMF, GMF 1039, and GMF 1106. These spheres are for models between 1980 and 1998.
Rolls Royce calls the hydraulic parts GMF, which supposedly stands for Green Mineral Fluid and you can find more information here.


Do you have old style spheres for the Citroën DS, which use the (red) LHS liquid?

No, we do not have these.
We provide new, welded, spheres for the green LHM systems as well as for the HYDRActive 3 system (Citroën C5 and C6 models) which uses the orange LDS.


Do you have spheres for the Citroën Traction Avant 15H?
Sorry, no. You could check with Der Franzose in Germany or Chyparse in The Netherlands.


What does e.g. ID59FA stand for?

The spheres numbers have a similar format indeed: the first two characters identify the model the spheres can be used for, the middle two-digit number indicates the pressure in the sphere, and the trailing two characters indicate the valve type.


How do I know my vehicle type?
We will try and assist you with this if you send us the VIN number, but do check your car papers. The most important information is: the model, fuel type and year.


Can I use different spheres on different models?
Yes you can. This has been tried by a number of people many times over, and you can check the online forums to read about people’s experiences.
But do not use LHM spheres in an LHS or LDS environment though: the rubber components will fail.


If you have another question..

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