How long does it take to deliver the order?

If the spheres you need are on stock we can deliver in one  week. If not we have to order them at the factory, then it will take around three weeks.


What’s difference between normal and comfort spheres?

The comfort one’s have a custom pressure and ventilen.
There is more gas in the sphere so that more “suspension” is available (LHS/LHM/LDS, or how the hydraulic fluid may be called can be pressed, but the gas negligibly in the sphere: the more gas, the more suspension). There is no more space in the sphere, so the bulb is under greater pressure. If a sphere is empty, there is little or no gas, and there may be so few pressed / suspension: the suspension then is extremely hard.
In general: the lower the pressure in the sphere, the less suspension.


Do you deliver Worldwide and what are the costs for transport?

Yes we deliver worldwide. The shipping prices on our site are for Europe; for other countries we charge the extra cost for shipping. Sent us an email about your specifik country.